During the leaf-heavy months of the year (June through October), I am happy to take on botanical printing commissions. Small projects during the rest of the year may be considered depending on availability.

Botanical prints make wonderful gifts and can be easily personalized with leaves or plants that are important to you; maybe even from your own garden! I have a long list of plants to choose from, but am happy to test others for an additional cost.

Botanical prints are most vibrant on silk and wool, but also look great on plant-based fibers like cotton, linen, and hemp. Cellulose-based synthetics like rayon and modal usually work alright as well. Cost is determined by size, type, and by the dyes and leaves used.

Prints may include, but are certainly not limited to:
• Premade garment, such as a t-shirt, blouse, dress, skirt, etc.
• Scarf; choose one of my silks, or supply your own silk, wool, or other natural fiber.
• Fabric to be made into a garment or quilt
• Table runners or other decorative textiles
• Any of my wool creations such as coasters, bags, and earrings
• Thick felt goods such has desk mats or wall panels
• Book covers and paper
• Framed or un-framed print on silk or watercolor paper

I am happy to discuss commissions any time of year. Please email me at

Some photos of past commissions, garment prints, and other inspiration: